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Who said party political broadcasts were boring?

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10Questions starts Videocracy

(thanks to the Zeitgeistish Euan Semple for the tip off)

More here:

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Red Pepper

Stephen Kingston has written an interesting and quite critical article in Red Pepper about the British experience of participatory budgeting:

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USA Fedral Spending as pie chart

Fedral SpendingWhen I saw this pie chart here it reminded me of the Open Source Governance that Ray Archer and I imagined when we started thinking about NewAthens (broken link). All we need to do is add sliders to each segment that would allow people to adjust the size of a segment, and a slider to adjust the total size of the pie. A wiki to collect data, debate and thoughts would be important too. Double clicking on a segment would allow citizens to drill down into more detailed charts of spending… well a man can dream. (originally posted on my other blog: Links and Anchors)

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