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10Questions starts Videocracy

(thanks to the Zeitgeistish Euan Semple for the tip off)

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4th Estate: AWOL?

Reading Hilary Wainwrights book made me realise that although she is a journalist there is hardly any mention of local newspapers, TV or radio in any of the examples she discusses. Where is the press in grassroots democracy?

From Wikipedia’s article on the Fourth Estate:

In On Heroes and Hero Worship (1841), Thomas Carlyle writes:

. . . [T]urning now to the Government of men. Witenagemote, old Parliament, was a great thing. The affairs of the nation were there deliberated and decided; what we were to do as a nation. But does not, though the name Parliament subsists, the parliamentary debate go on now, everywhere and at all times, in a far more comprehensive way, out of Parliament altogether? Burke said there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate more important far than they all…

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Shades of Grey

I am just a few pages into Hilary Wainwright’s book but I am already struggling with her rather dated left-right political metaphors. I felt the same about Namoi Klein’s “Big Business Bad, Big State Good” arguments in her new book about Disaster Capitalism. In particular her concepts of what happened in Tiananmen Square and even the Falklands war seem a bit up-side-down… not to mention the results of the tsunami in Sri Lanka. Shock Doctrine is being widely reported in the papers at the moment – including an videos, interviews and extracts published in the Guardian. Glad to see that Jonathan Fenby calls her on her analysis of Tiananmen Square. Very interesting.

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More Reading Matters

Those nice people at Amazon delivered Hilary Wainwright’s book “Reclaim The State: Experiments in Popular Democracy” this morning. Will report back once I have read it, but noticed that they seem to think that the strap-line is “…Adventures in Popular Democracy” rather than “…Experiments in Popular Democracy”.

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Lessons of Porto Alegre

Hilary Wainwright wote an article in The Guardian about Porto Alegre’s participatory budgeting system. Still a bit sketchy on the actual process – I’ll see what I can dig up.

Among the comments below the article is a link to another article about Porto Alegre in

Mark Waters from PB-UK has his reply published in the Guardian a couple of days later.

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