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Participatory Football

The Guardian and The Telegraph (twice) as well as The BBC (watch video) . The Times and the Daily Mirror and numerous blogs and websites have articles about MyFootballClub‘s “takeover” of Ebbsfleet United. MyFootbalClub (an Industrial and Provident Society registered by the FSA) was founded by Will Brooks because “… it makes more sense for a football club to be owned and financially supported by thousands, rather than relying on the wealth and continued enthusiasm of one person. And secondly, that football fans, as a group, are often proved capable of making correct decisions… ” you can read more on the unofficial wiki.

At last, a participatory budgeting project that feels like a grass-roots initiative!

They seem to have generated a LOT of interest:Ebbsfleet United message


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No-permission service desks

Participatory democracy has a lot to learn from commerce and consumer activism. Take a look at the Get Satisfaction website.

It allows internet users to set up their own customer support and help desks – for when a company fails to service them properly. Could have come straight from the pages of The Cluetrain Manifesto.
Couple of reviews in Business Week and on O’Reilly’s Radar

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