Liz Henry on Ecuador2.0

Liz Henry – a colleague (and friend) at Socialtext writes on her blog about how President Correa is encouraging web2.0 technologies as a way of liberating Latin America.

International Brigades Flat 2.0On the Socialtext wiki she writes:

Did you know that the government of Ecuador is heavily investing in Web 2.0 as a revolutionary socialist strategy? President Correa is also a firm believer in the Free Software movement. He gives speeches (on YouTube, of course, on his blog) about how free software is crucial to the liberation of Latin America from U.S. and mulitnational corporate dominance. Ecuadorean government workers are “required to use free open source software“. It’s fascinating! His party, the , has a very Web 2.0 (“web dos punto cero”) presence, with “blogs and profiles and youtube video clips” for all its candidates for the Congressional assembly elections. There are clickable maps and photos, and the ballots will also have photos of all the candidates. Correa hates the mainstream media, and is asking that the regular citizens of Ecuador get out there and *become the media*, using internet cafes to upload their own videos and news programs and blogs about whatever issues concern them.

I suggested in my weekly column that the Ecuadorean government use “dotsub”, a collaborative video translation project, for its speeches and debates. That way, they could not only be translated into English but into Quechua or whatever other indigenous languages are spoken in Ecuador.

I’m very curious how long Correa will last in office. Maybe Web 2.0 geeks will start emigrating to Ecuador to help out with these idealistic goals about mass access to the creation of digital media.

Time to launch the Brigadas Internacionales 2.0?


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