Reading matters

I had a strange day’s reading today. I started off by reading the Communalist’s crit of Participatory Budgeting which I found very thought provoking and pretty interesting. I then bought a copy of The Economist – which (because I read it pretty much every week) induced a sense of deja vu (or “deja lu”)… so in a moment of consumerist madness I forked out £5 for a copy of Tyler Brûlé’s new(ish) magazine Monocle. This issue was billed thus:

“Monocle reveals everything you need to build a 21st-century country – from a well-designed passport to an efficient airline – and reports from the world’s breakaway states, failed nations and global powers in need of a thorough rebranding.”

Which sounds just my sort of thing. Flicking through it I assumed that it would be something like the love child of (the late lamented) Marxism Today, GQ and Conde Nast Traveller… (i.e: potentially great) but actually it was a big mess. I hated every page and resented having to pay so much for such lazy, self important and trivial journalism – I particularly hated the featured articles about branding nation states. I went back to reading my copy of the Economist pretty quickly.


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